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Thread: Disney's Dirty Trojan Horse

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    How many of you knew that Disney has been hiding dirty jokes in their so-called family movies for well over a decade? For example: in the Lion King, after Simba looks up at the stars with Timone & Pumbaa, he goes to collapse on a hillside and stirs up a cloud of dust which spells the word sex not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES! Disney defenders say it was a joke by the special effects department spelling sfx. I say, "Yeah, right." Also, on Alladin, when he's on Jasmine's balcony, and she tells him to go away, Raja starts growling and you can hear him say, "Take off your clothes." You'll wonder why you never heard it before! There's also a tower on the back of the original Little Mermaid case that looks exactly like a penis, and a million other dirty jokes just waiting to be spotted, and that's what this thread's all about. I'd like anybody who knows of any other nasty parts Disney has hidden in their family-friendly cartoons, and share them with anybody who may be reading. I'd like to thank anybody who contributes in advance.

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    Yes, I knew all of that, but of course
    In the Little Mermaid, it was one artist who was commissioned to do the box art, and that was his doing not Disney's, he even came out and admitted it at the time, which of course Disney fired him, and promptly took that box art off the market. Only about 10,000 ever got out to the public.

    And in the Lion King, the sex has been digitally done away with on the new DVD.
    As far as for Aladdin, I can't really say, I have heard it, but I hate the movie, so I can't say about new incarnations of the film. Actually I think they say "All Good Girls, Take off their Clothes” it was very low though, you could just barely hear it.

    Actually, the coolest thing, I've ever seen in a movie, isn't a Disney film.
    The Wizard of OZ, has a scene in it were you actually see someone committing suicide, for real. After the scene where the little crew gets attacked by the witch and the scarecrow gets set on fire. After that is resolved, and they are going down the yellow brick road, singing, and holding arms, if you look to the right side of the screen, behind the trees. You will see a black figure swinging. If you really watch it, you can see a guy get up on something, and then jump off, and then the rope catches, and he is swinging back and forth by his neck. Dude hung himself.
    The story goes, he was up for a part in the movie, and they axed him when he showed up, he thought it was his big break, so when he was axed he decided to commit suicide.
    So he went to the back of the studio and hung himself, just so happened that they were filming at the time, and it was all caught on tape, no one actually noticed this until years later.

    Ok, if you’re wondering If, I'm just sick and research this stuff, no, I had a class on film a while back, and we went over all this in class. Guess the professor is the sick one. He brought in tapes and showed us all the scenes in slow motion.
    "Where did he go, George, Where did he go?"

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    All this stuff isn't actually new.

    Lots of stuff about that here:

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    about alladin, not true....

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    Dude, that is pretty cool. I guess it kinda covers all the Disney stuff (although a friend of mine SWEARS she saw a penis swim by the screen somewhere on the Little Mermaid). Well, I suppose I'm going to expand the topic a bit. Okay, from here on we're posting any questionable material we've found hidden very carefully in popular movies (preferably kids movies). And it CAN'T be stuff you've read off of

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    P.S. About Aladdin, true. So what if he only said "Take off your clo..."? He certainly wasn't going to say "clover" or whatever. But about Wizard of OZ; it is, in fact, just a long-necked bird flapping around for two frames or something like that.

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    Ninja Monkey is absolutely right.

    Little Mermaid poster:

    Look at the poster carefully... you'll notice this:

    Lion King:

    Look at it carefully, you'll notice the work "sex".

    Some other Disney movie (forgot title):

    See anything funny? The scene in the movie go's by so fast no one notices it.

    Can of Pepsi back in the days:

    Two of them on top of eachother:

    EDIT: Don't know what the Pepsi has to do with this, but yeah thought I'd post it anyways.

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    aaah...did u know some songs played backwards say different stuff about satan?! u probably do but im gona tell u anyway!

    maddonas song 'like a prayer' says "o hero satan!" on the chrus! lol

    search for:

    backtracked songs
    subliminal messages!

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