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Thread: Do you miss movie theaters?

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    Movie theatres use to fill people's need for having shared experience. Same but different like how there use to only be three TV networks and everyone watched shows at the same time and then talked about them the next day.
    Well, there wasn't much of a choice back then...
    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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    There isn't much worth watching now. Funny how that works. Talent can only be spread so thin and then you get the AFL.
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    I miss theaters, and great movies too.

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    Yeah, but not the sticky shoes

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    Not much - buying a larger TV has helped with that.

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    not really, my home theater does the job really well

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    Been thinking about that. I've got large bay windows though, so getting the room dark enough is a bit of a problem.

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    I don't miss em. The money, the waiting, the advertising, all the other idiots in the theatre...

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    I was never a big theater buff. Dont really miss it. Also have a rather large 4k tv, so no.

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    only some of the classic cinemas that have been restored. love a good art deco cinema.

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