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Thread: Do you miss movie theaters?

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    not at all

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    Not any more now that they're open again and have huge reclining seats. I do miss the old popcorn prices. . . .

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    The only one I like are the dine-in ones. There's an AMC near here and they serve alcohol. Not bad choice just to meet up with buddies. Something to do but not going to make a habit of it otherwise...

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    During the pandemic I had some of the best theater experiences of my life, no noisy kids, no young couples giggling the whole time. But now they're full up again

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    not at all for me, to noisy and dual subs in my country.

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    Oh god the last time I have been in one was 5 years ago I miss them for sure!!

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    Been back to the theaters sine Spiderman No Way Home. Just recently viewed Avatar The Way of Water.

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    Not a single bit - VR home theater with a somewhat decent sound setup is superior in so many ways and yet affordable

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    I miss paying the 18$ for a drink in the VIP theaters. I only went for big action movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripter View Post
    18$ for a drink
    Considering you can get a blowjob for 20, I think they scammed you bigly.
    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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