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Thread: Pixel Shader

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    i got the deus ex demo and after installing it says u need pixel shader 1.1 or higher to play the game !!

    i have a geforce 4 ti 4600
    i updated my drivers , still doesnt work

    will the same happen if i get the whole game ?


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    Raped Ape
    probably because demo is like the full game....cant you upgrade the pixel shader thing?

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    i dont think u can upgrade the pixel thing as it is the hardware that is not able to provide it bu im wondering as i dont have it i dont shouldnt the game still play wit screwed up graphics ?

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    Raped Ape
    well im not expert on this but i guess its one of those things where you need a good version of to play like some games dont work without directx8, i nkow this is software and wat your talking about is hardware but its kinda similar so maybe you can try to find and buy the pixel thing....or does it have to do with buying a new vid card

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    do u have the lastest DX 9.0B? if not download it then try it

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    i have dx9.0b
    i think it is to buy a new vid card.
    anyway y cant the game start wt bad graphics ?

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    I think the pixel shader is a part of the hardware, and if you don't have a card with it the game won't run at all. None of the GeForce MX series have them, so I can't play Deus Ex 2 or Prince of Persia and that's some bullshit.

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    thanx anyway

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    Yes, pixel shaders are hardware based - thus you cannot upgrade them without buying a new graphics card which supports newer versions.

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    GeForce 4 ti 4600's support Pixel Shader 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3 so there is no valid reason why it won't work. You have some sort of hardware/driver setup problem there. I would format the HD and reinstall everything properly If I had that problem. If you have that problem you prolly have other issues & performance problems you don't even know about too. Time to format mate
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