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Thread: Panda 2004

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    Is Panda 2004 Good? I have avg 7 right now... Do you think that i should replace avg 7 by panda 2004?

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    I'm using Panda Titanium 2003 and it's good but uses a lot of ram, don't know about Panda2004 though so stick with AVG7 for a while.
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    Don't replace it , Panda sucks.

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    Well, i will keep avg 7 isntead of replacing it with panda titanium..

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    Sexual Harrasment Panda

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    What is the best Linux antivirus?

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    I just tried Panda 2004 out and in my opinion it uses to many like to talk a
    My opinion is to try it out for yourself and if you and your system like it, then keep it. If not, then go back to avg 7.
    I would recommend Symantec Corp. v8.1.1.314.


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