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Thread: Incoming Ports

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    I am using Kazaa lite K++ ver. 2.4.3 and under options >> firewall >> Incoming ports >> use port ( ? ) I was expeirimenting and I changed the default port to, 1214. It seems as though now my downloads are slower and most of them are stuck in 'more sources needed' status. If my understanding is correct me changing the incoming port should only effect others downloading from me not my downloads. Am i correct in my assumtion? If I should change it back to the default could someone tell me what that was. Also checking the ' use port 80.... ' that would apply to others being able to get files from me not my downloads, right? Thanks B)

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    i belive you use that port for both, change it to anything over 3500

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    If im not totally wrong, as port 1214 is the default, its allways a good reason to change. This helps elliminate so called port scans from actually finding you straight away. It may also help increase speed - but i'm not convinced of that.

    If you have a firewall, just remember to allow access to the new port.


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    Originally posted by MUSLEMAN@28 November 2003 - 12:46
    i belive you use that port for both, change it to anything over 3500
    I have it to 7777.

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    The port you set in options is the tcp listen port for incoming connections and also the udp port for supernode information. Once a connection is made the upload\download will switch to another port. When you have several uploads\downloads, each will be on a different port.

    You can see the connections with TCPView.


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