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Thread: Strategy Games

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    i have rise of nations im trying to find which is better out of these games so i can get some more like it

    rise of nations

    age of mythology

    civilizations 3

    age of empires

    or any thing like them

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    I haven't got aroud to Rise of Nations yet, but my vote goes to Age of Mythology. It was the first strategy game I played and it got me into the genre.

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    i dunno a good one, but dont get Empire Earth.. damn the graphics just make you want to puke. I mean Age of Empires 1 is much more fun than that game.

    Hmm, you should get the game Stronghold Crusader.. Desert/Arabic strategy that has stuff the others dont have. (Your castle's population needs Food grown from crops to survive.. they actually eat the food, so you never have to use Food to buy anything) Weapons must be made from Wood and Iron, while strong units can be made from them. Otherwise you can spend alot more gold on buying mercenary units that are pretty unique also. (The Assasin is extremely powerfull in large number)


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