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    okay i decided to up my budget a bit. so now im looking at about $150.

    i saw a radeon 9800se 128mb , and a radeon 9600 pro 256mb, or a fx5600xt for 40 dollars less then teh other 2.

    so which one would u choose?

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    get the 9600 pro. the 9800 se is only 4 pipeline, and it's not good at all. my comp's 3dmark03 is 1407, and a radeon 9800 (non pro) with p4 3.00 ghz only got 2089. i just checked at micro center. so either get a 9800 pro, or not at all. or u can oc ur 9800 regular to pro. i gues

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    im thinking of getting a ti4200 for 74 dollars and saving up for a better card when doom or hl2 comes out. good plan? or should i not waste that and add about 54 dollars more for a radeon 9600pro 256mb?

    edit: hmmm found out it was a reg 9600 ....stupid pricewatch.

    so should i still get it or should i get the 128mb version for bout 30 dollars cheaper?


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