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Thread: Developer Tracking A Copied Game

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    I downloaded MOHAA Spearhead from KL which i used to play online.

    I came to play it one day and was told that my CD-Key (also obtained from KL) is restricted and to contact EA customer service.

    Does this mean that EA have discovered my game is copied and can they track me down because i played it whilst online?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hmmm, doubt it, might be it figured it was a bad cd-key or already assigned key and just letting you know to contact for assistance. That would be my guess, see what others say. Don't play on-line games much
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    Maybe they look for cdkeys in the internet as well and block the ones they found.
    Id software did this on return to castle wolfenstein.

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    cheers, thats eased my worries a bit

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    If they'd tracked you down they would have contacted you directly. Chances are they have just blocked that CD-key code from their servers.


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