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Thread: Whats Going On In The Movie World? 11/28/03

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    Why all the Files on Kazaa thats New ..Fake? Like Bad Santa,Tupac Resurrection,Cat in a dumbHat etc... and Why is Movies not working? is bitorrent dead? and on IRC why can't u find a decent download? Is the so-called
    internet Bootleg market dying? or am i in the dark? also why does Emule move like Nemo with a bad fin? LOL

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    bittorrent and kazaa have always been pretty slow for me, i never use bittorrent, emule is just gay.

    mirc is the best for me so far, i download at a solid 52kb at all times

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    thats what im talking about IRC for life
    [ gs removed the sig, it was 1455.14 KB lol ]

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!

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    if only i could find anime on mirc, i would have all the anime there is to download

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    suprnova is working fine. Kazaa is not dead. I still use it for not new movies.

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    Bittorent is stronger than ever, suprnova is falling over because they constantly need new servers and mirrors, so lots of broken links untill they get the donations and funds needed, have a look at the amount of people trying to D/L the SWAT dvd rip on suprnova now

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    Originally posted by shinzuiski@29 November 2003 - 07:53

    if only i could find anime on mirc, i would have all the anime there is to download
    Unfortunatly that is the problem with IRC, especially when dealing with video files, most of what you will find will be current releases. It's a bit harder to find older stuff. But when combined with other things, like BT AND Kazaa, the skys the limit.


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