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Thread: Nero Runtime Error!

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    i downloaded tmd underground world which is a movie of course and is not a fake. After that i encode it using tmpeg 2.5. then i open up nero 6 ultra and went to vcd video . Then i drag and dropped tmd underground world to the left side of the screen, then it check it of course and gave me 3 options reencode with nero or turn off standard complaince or cancel. I choose turn off standard complaince of course . I do this ever time and when click burn and it go to the burning screen then i get a message : runtime error, Program:C;\PROGRAM FILEES\AHEAD\NERO.EXE R6025---Pure virtual function call.

    PLeease can somebody help me out and im kind of upset because this movies looks cool and interesting. And please dont send me to a link and so and so on etc.
    Thanx you all for your quality time and i hope you give me some postive feedback answers and comments and please can you read throughly through my passage so you want get confuse.thanx alot!!!!!111

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    dont worry, its not ur vid....just re-install nero with a new key...

    btw, thanks for giving alots of details


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