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Thread: Here's Where To Get The Most Recent Pg Ip List

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    To clear up some recent confusion the only daily updated peerguardian database ip list (pgipdb) available is by going to the following: (pg forum requires registration)

    the pg forum converter:

    and the forum guarding.p2p list:
    click the >> "ip database" option at the top of this page and then click on "download guarding.p2p"

    for example as of 8:20 pm e.s.t.

    pg forum converter, guarding.p2p list
    2194 ranges
    1362 ranges



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    Does bluetack use this source with the Blocklist Manager as well...

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    good question- i'll ask bluetack


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    bluteack said the blocklist manager points to meth's site mirror- he said he would redirect to the pg forum mirror

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    the blocklist mgr should point to the right pg list now

    and currently the pg forum db list is going thru some editing - like having military ranges removed so the range numbers/ips will fluctuate some

    ppl will be able to use the blocklist manager to block ranges of their choice etc instead of the pg db list having adware,spyware etc



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