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Thread: Please Start Prince Of Persia With Original

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    I put in the no cd crack, but its pop.exe not the PrinceOfPersia.exe

    I get no warning saying are you sure you want to replace the original exe with the crack, what am I doing wrong
    tried renaming the crack and deleting the original, wtf

    help me

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    You probably have a crack for the wrong version of Prince of Persia. For example, the crack might be for version and you may have version If you have the original CD, use alcohol 120% to mount the image to a virtual drive. If you don't have it, look around on for some different version cracks.

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    maybe u dont have to replace it? did u just try running pop.exe ?

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    I had that same problem at first, when you installed the game, did u finish the installation completely? or did you get some msg that told you to insert POP_Install. At that point in my installation my computer always stalled and the final files were never placed into the folder.

    However, after a few tries the game finnally installed properly and the PoP.exe file was there, just copy and paste.

    If your Prince of Persia installed properly then im not sure what wrong, if it didnt, keep trying and it'll work eventually.

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    how can we tell if we installed it correctly?

    i reinstalled it 5 times and replaced the pop and it still asks for the play disc...

    if anyone can help us it'd really be appreaciated...thanks

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    its weird, it didn't install completely I had to do it a few times for what ever reason

    thing is my video card is teh sux0r and I can't play it

    but I have played it at a friends house and that game is the shit

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    did u play the original PoP muchspl? that one is one of the hardest games, u know...

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    yea the old one was great, it sucks so bad I can't play the new one, I have been playing over at my friends and the game is amazing ESP if you have a good video card, I don't know if it will be the game of the year but it's gonna be close

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    ahh man that sucks.... so when the pop was acctually there did u simply overwrite the pop with the one from the deviance folder?

    cause i did that and it still asks me to insert the play cd [cd2] whenever i run princeofpersia.exe

    n when i try and run PoP.exe it tells me i need to run the game using princeofpersia.exe doode help!!!

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    my problem is it never installed pop.exe from the disc, it was weird, but after a few installs it loaded everything, I never had that problem before
    when you replace the pop.exe with the cracked pop.exe does it kick a error asking are you sure you want to replace this file bla bla bla

    you have to say yes
    it should replace it and then you can click the icon on your desktop, should start?


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