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Thread: No Video, No Sound With Divx 5

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    Hello all!!

    I recently got a few movies encoded with Divx 5(according to Gspot) and I am not getting any audio or video with wmp or VideoLan. I downloaded the Divx Pro pack twice and the Nimo pack with the same problem. Gspot says that I have the correct codecs to play the movies, maybe there is a certain setting in the configuration of the codecs that I am unaware of. I'm not sure if the movies are bad because while I was downloading VideoLan was able to preview them. It's just after they are downloaded when I seem to have the problem. I am able to play other movie types such as Divx 3 and Xvid. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    Not sure mate mabe you've got them all jumbled up some how.Tri uninstalling everything and the registry.Then clean install kazaa lite codec pack.Vidoelan dosent need any codec's anyway mate.You could also tri changing the 4cc code form divx to xvid or something.The changers included in the k-lite codec pck.


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