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Thread: Great Free Anti Virus Software

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    I had viruses taking over my computer. I tried trendmicro, that dident let me delete or clean the files and I tried Norton Antivirus and that dident even tell me I had viruses. I searched on the internet for a solution and came across I downloaded it, scanned my computer then deleted the infected files and noticed the viruses wre gone.

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    @xbox_gamer7, nice point and thanks for sharing, but I am afraid it is already a well known fact.

    Thanks anyway though and keep'em coming.

    P.S. just ignore any smart @ss remarks as there are always people interested in sharing information and ideas in this forum.


    Edit: At the bottom of the forum is a search area, its always a good idea to search your topic there first before posting.

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    Anyways xbox_gamer7, I am glad to hear that you got things sorted

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    Never stated that I can fit the size, I stated that something happened and it ended up that size and I couldn't believe it was accessible as I checked the CD before deleting the file.......comprehend.....duh

    Original Post:

    I was cleaning up my hard drive so I made a direct cd (incd for Nero users).
    I wasn't paying any attention to to files that I was dragging and dropping, but when I was done it said that there were 9 MB left so I closed the cd.

    I ejected the cd and placed it back in (just to check the integrity before deleting the files off my hard drive) and I noticed that the size of the disk is 1.34 GB.
    All the files are accessible, but they do load and install a little slower.

    The only thing I can think of is that direct cd must have compressed the disk.

    This is the largest over-burn for me yet, I just wonder if I could have gotten the other 9 MB on the disk.


    But of course you jumped in and stated I was on crack and full of shit.
    It happened, the cd works, but I have been unable to duplicate this act.

    Now back to the subject at hand.

    Sarcastic remarks are the reason stoi and a few others that contributed greatly to this forum decided to leave. Why do you feel the need to belittle another individual just because they are not omniscient . Does it make you feel powerful or do you feel the need to impress your kiddy entourage. I saw you when you first entered the forum and it seemed you had the potential to offer advise and help, then; you are what you are I guess.

    yea I need the respect of you

    This isn't about me, its about having respect for others.

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    Welcome to the board.

    It's probable that Norton didn't detect the virus due to its being installed after your system was infected, resident anti virus' tend not to like this very much.

    It is obviously good practice to have a resident AV first installed on a clean, uninfected system. Also, online scans for viri and trojans, common sense practices such as not downloading cracks from p2p networks or newgroups and not opening unknown email attachments, should maintain a 'clean' system. Read the pinned topic for more info.

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    @xbox_gamer7 - thanks for the advice and welcome to the board

    edit: nevermind (sorry)

    anyone notice that there are a lot more posts deleted then before?

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    Originally posted by wienerschnitzel@29 November 2003 - 11:53
    @skelley521 - well the hell are you doing? your trying to act so smart but then you post 3 times in a row. use the edit button. stop wasting space

    It did made sense until some other posts were deleted by a mod.

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    yes, we had a squirmish

    on topic- I like avg and use it on both computers, I have try others but I find avg to use the least resources


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