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Thread: Missing .dll In Photoshop Cs

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    Mar 2003
    There's a problem with Photoshop CS when you install the 1700 plugins pack. You may find the program locks up or gives you a missing .dll message.

    Just go to start/find/ and search for Msvcrt10.dll

    when it's located, copy and paste it into the Photoshop CS folder in Program Files.
    Restart Photoshop and it should work OK.

    If you don't have it, I can supply a link for the download.

    There may be a few other .dll's required depending on your installed software.

    It's not a serious bug, just a compatibility issue.

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    can you pm me the dll please?

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    Why not post the link to the .dll file?
    It's not illegal to download missing .dll files, so the board rules aren't being broken.

    Here it is:


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    There might be a few more too. I've put them together here >

    Don't paste the others in unless it asks for them though.

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    thank you both


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