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Thread: is NCIS worth watching after Abby.Tony D'Nosio etc leave the show?

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    A little context is appropriate since Covid shut down the majority of new production for most TV shows and is delaying movie releases at an alarming rate so I turned to Netflix to fill the gap and decided that as I was already a fan of NCIS LA and NEW ORLEANS so having never(how was this even possible)even seen a single episode of the original I started with S01E01 and am now into half of season 12. So my question relates to already knowing that the afore mentioned characters have left the show. I know we all have dif tastes in entertainment but would appreciate your feedback.Thanks.
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    Showcase Canada was running the series in order so I watched basically every episode until Ziva left (Season 9?). The Tony character had basically run it's course at that point and Gibbs (Harmon) had pretty much aged out of believability. I like Ducky but never really a fan of Abby or McGee and God knows nine seasons is enough of anything. I have watched a few with the newer cast and I really don't think watching a pale imitation of what was makes a whole lot of sense. Much the same with Criminal Minds. Good to time killer to sheesh.
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    McGee looked more and more spun out as it went on.. not JAG material . I liked that show once and even ncis la. and it still incredulates me how that and jag went for like so long!
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