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Thread: Unlocking Things In Nfs Underground

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    Is their a playguide or something that tells you what you need to do to unlcok things in nfs underground ??

    Instead of doing things i dont need to do, i would like to win the races that i need to unlock things.

    Im not looking for any cheats.

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    keep playing the underground

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    I have noticed after playing the drifting races and others, i have unlocked some things.

    It would be good to know what races you have to do.

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    im so far in that game, my races are like 80/111, and i unlocked a shit load of things!
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    the more style points you score in underground the more you unlock same as progressing through the races sertante races will onlock certant stuff or diffuculty levels hasdr unlocks those unique paints i think

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    you get more parts by winning races and more respect for fitting newer parts
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