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Thread: "divx - Ita" & Divx Vs. Vcd

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    There has been a very interesting previous posting that fully explained everything about movie capturings (cam, TS, TC, etc.) and formats (VCD, DVD, DivX, etc.). Once again, congrats to the author's good job! B) However, I have two further questions which were not covered in that posting:

    1. I sometimes bump onto "DivX- ITA". I know what DivX stands for, but what is "ITA"?

    2. Between DivX and VCD (i.e. MPEG-4 and MPEG-1), which format is of highest quality (considering that the ripped source is the same, of course). I know that MPEG-2 is superior than both, but I have not completely cleared out which is better: MPEG-1 or -4?

    Thx in advance.

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    ita = release gourp/person

    and no real winner on whats the best, mpeg2 svcd is clearly the best IMO, but you can get close with kvcd mpeg1 or avi

    EDIT:doh your right DS

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    It's more likely the language the movie was encoded
    ITA - Italian
    ESP - Spanish
    DAN - Danish
    FR - French
    GER-ENG - German & English (Dual audio encode)

    Most release groups will use a name or acronym that is very distinct like: DCN, DaDuck, DVL, DMT, Vite, TMN, MEDiAMANiACS, FEZ...etc to enable unique searches.


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