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Thread: University Network Problems

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    i have posted this tip which belonges to ftfakes for a possible solution to schools blocking klite:
    For the uni network problem try the DK Firewall Booster.

    Here is a trick that also might help:

    I'm sure your university is blocking many ports to prevent you from using p2p programs. But one port is always open. It's port 80. So you need to find a supernode which listens to port 80 too. KZN 1.4.6 has a secret feature to find those supernodes in your list (well, now it's not a secret anymore ).

    And here is how to do it:
    Open KZN.
    Hold down the shift key while pressing 'check status' under the supernode list.
    A window will pop up and ask you for a port to use for checking.
    Type in 80 and hit OK.
    KZN now checks all SNs and with some luck you'll find a SN that is responding (for example
    Double click this supernode to fill the 'new supernode' box.
    Change the port to 80 (
    Hit 'set new SN and restart kazaa'.
    Wait and pray.

    also you can try:

    Go where you installed KL and change the name of "KazaaLite.kpp" to something else. Click Start, Run and write regedit. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\K++ and change "ApplicationName" to same as "KazaaLite.kpp"s new name. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\K++ and do the same.

    if those don't work its time to try hopster for tunneling

    or maybe socks5 proxy

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    i cannot find KazaaLite.kpp is there anything else it might be called?

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    lol what do you mean you can't find it boss?? lol its there and no it can't be called anything else, otherwise it would not run

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    You can find the curent name in:


    (otherwise look for a 3.xx MB file in your Kazaa Lite installation folder)

    Make sure that you are using Kazaa Lite K++ 2.4.3 because other verion might work differently.

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    KLT K++ is the same exact way and so is klr


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