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Thread: Aborted Small Downloads

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    Sometimes when I look through what I have been uploading I've noticed many 64k or 128k small bits of perfectly fine files that have been uploaded then aborted. Was wondering if anyone else has noticed this and are we getting spied on from the man? Who ever downloaded them never gave them a chance almost like they were getting harvested for some case against me in the future. Hope not. Definatly some reoccuring small file sizes though.

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    this is completely normal, kazaa will download the same file from a variety of users..usually only accuring between 64-128 etc per source....nothing to worry about

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    On Gnutella networks, there are p2p 'cops' going aroound downloading the first 128bytes of EVERY shared file you have. Because there you can also get filename, filesize, and hash easily -- the first 128bytes of the file is almost damming proof that the files 'tested' are what they seem. And they get your IP address as well plus time of checking, so they can ask your ISP who 'you' are based on the ip.

    It's time to worry, but not very much -- as downloading even 64KB of EVERY file that EVERYONE has shared would probably take more time than the age of the universe.


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