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Thread: Worms 3d (myth Rip Or Full Dl) Wont Run.

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    Hey guys. Downloaded the two CD version and Myth rip of Worms 3D but it wont run. The game starts but very slowly. It eventually gets to the menu screen after staggering through the intial screens. I have latest video drivers, DirectX9 installed and the Offical demo works fine.

    Any ideas??

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    Originally posted by davebuk@29 November 2003 - 16:11
    Any ideas??
    google for dredwerkz and try the version from there

    i see he has 'the simpsons hit and run' now as well which is meant to be like gta, but with the simpsons in springfield

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    Downloaded the two CD version and Myth
    Which one won't run both !!!
    I got no problem with the Mtyh on a 64 meg gforce mx 400 and thats with Me.

    This is off the readme :-

    OpenGL Compatibility
    OpenGL 1.4 must be installed within your system prior to running Worms 3D. If this is not installed you may experience severe performance problems or the game may not run at all. Your video card and drivers must be 100% compatible with OpenGL 1.4.
    If your video card is not hardware accelerated the game will run in software mode and exhibit severe slowdown during play. If you are unsure regarding the specifications or compatibility of your video card and drivers with OpenGL 1.4 please contact your hardware manufacturer directly for further information and possible software updates.
    Whilst your hardware may not be OpenGL 1.4 compliant you may still be able to run the game with the very latest drivers, but you may experience an omission of effects or corruption abnormalities with the video display.

    Note: Motherboard integrated video chipsets may exhibit performance problems. This may be hardware limited as system memory could be shared for use as video memory.

    ATI® Radeon™ 7200, 7500, 8500, 9000, 9000 PRO, 9200, 9200 PRO, 9200 SE, 9500 PRO, 9600, 9600 PRO, 9700, 9700 PRO, 9800, 9800 PRO

    Matrox® Parhelia™

    NVIDIA® GeForce® 256, DDR GeForce2® MX, MX 100, MX 200, MX 400, GTS, Pro, Ti, Ultra, MX Integrated graphics (nForce®)
    GeForce3® Ti 200, Ti 500 GeForce4® MX 420, MX440, MX440SE, MX 460, Ti 4200, Ti 4400, Ti 4600, Ti 4800, Ti 4800SE, MX Integrated graphics (nForce 2)
    GeForce FX® 5200, 5200 Ultra, 5600, 5600SE 5600 Ultra, 5800, 5800 Ultra, 5900, 5900 Ultra .

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    for the two cd one did you aplpy the crack which is located in cd number 2? you have to overwrite a file in c:/team 17/worms 3d/data

    err dont trust my link, this is just straight off my head...

    and then you need the first cd in your computer to run the game...

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    what does that game require 2 run? i played armegedon it kicked ass

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    Could not get either to run, rip or full download. They both start, after copying launcher and worms3d.exe from crack. The game starts, but loads extreamly slowly, like a movie clip being stepped through.

    I'm running win98, 256ram, gforce2 mx400 64MB, 1.13GHz Athlon. Not sure on the version of OpenGL. How can I find what i'm running. Had a look under dispaly properties and dxdiag, but couldn't find anything.

    The second demo works fine.

    Cheers for any other ideas. Might go and find it from dredwerkz.

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    Pmed you about it go for it.

    Its not like Armegedon which I liked 2d this is as said 3d and I find it hard to control things like turning and shooting but then thats me.


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