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Thread: What Do You Think The Best Anti Virus Software Is?

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    For those that don't use an antivirus... Get one and use it. If you don't want to use one stay off Kazaa! And if you think it's ok just to "feel" it when it happens then I must tell you that's too late. I hope you get one that completly destroys all your data and setup then maybe you'll learn.

    As for the best antivirus? I use Norton 2003. I have tried them all and I like this the best. I use Norton Internet Security 2003 it has AntiVirus and Firewall in a complete security package all built together.

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    Havn't got anything that erased anything yet. I think I'm doing good so far...
    It's funny, because two of my friends had anti-virus software installed and they both got a virus that fucked their hard drive. I use good judgement.

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    Norton 2003 for the occasional comp scan and email scanning.

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