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Thread: Chat Watch 3

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    it's version 3.1.1 lookin for a way to fix it, so it doesn't cut off the chat logs.

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    Make your own log, copy and paste.

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    it's not really about the logs, I jus wanna use this program to lock messengers, since it can run in stealth, like in any other mode, crt+alt+del will be able 2 close it, an bypass the lock

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    is it IRC chat program ?

    If you search for an easy IRC Server, which is powerful and good:
    download IRCPlus from my site: <--
    download area -- there is a crack

    it a nice program to use for irc

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    actually I&#39;m lookin mostly for MSN here, it&#39;s all we use in this house, but i like this 1 cause it&#39;s for a bunch a diff messenger clients


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