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Thread: Windows Media Player For ~ever ?

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    Hi All,

    Backup! boring? well you might think so but it's needed if you want to keep all your Windows Media Player adjustments.

    I use WMP and stick by it. If you do too you may want to keep your settings for ever. I lost the database once and after reinstalling WMP and reloading all my MP3s all my WMP data was horribly named and catagorised. After six days of tweaking file names and genres etc I decided to start backing my database up.

    The file is located here... (From Windows 2000 onwards)

    C:\documents and settings\YOUR LOGON NAME\Local Settings
    \Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player\

    The file might be called: -
    'CurrentDatabase 59R.wmdb'

    If your system settings are hidden you may not be able to see the file or folder.

    Backup this file to a seperate hard disk or tape or Internet resource.

    Each user that logs onto the computer (with seperate logon of course) will find their version of WMDB in their user directory.

    Hope this helps.


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    use Music Match JukeBox or Winamp. no tweaking necessary. if the ID3V2 or V1 tags are correct they both, MMJB & WinAmp, will load them correctly everytime. these are superior programs to WMP9. plus they give you much more control. i like their decoders (Franhauffer for MMJB) better anywayz.
    i've use WMP9 and all the 7 versions and it sux. you can do betta!!!
    plus who wants to rip cd's to .wma format YUCK!!!

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    what about DRM, I say anything else other than wmp
    I like winamp personally

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    Just out of curiosity, how does this speed up kazaa?

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    I use winamp, it's been for years I'm using that player. It has so many features including fader and dsp.

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    none of these players will speed up Kazaa or anything else for that matter, but these players can help organize your mp3's. Kazaa is notorious for having the wrong files listed and incorrect tags(ID3v2 or v1). these jukebox/players are excellent for organizing your files you intend to share.

    just thinx. if you upload an incorrectly tagged file, then whomever downloaded lets a few upload it and so on and so forth, you have a bogus tagged file in mass circulation. tagging them correctly will save you and others lots of time and trouble(as far as organization goes).


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