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Thread: Windows98se: Ugrade Vs Full Version

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    Actually, i have CD's for both ME and Win98se. I can't tell if they are upgrades. I only install until the program asks for product key . My product keys are not working. They may have been written down wrong. My hard drive is formatted and I'm trying to install either on to my computer to get it going.

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    i like windows 98se... i have it n i have cd key if u need... just use aim / aol to contact me...

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    Just download and install WinXP Pro. on an NTFS partition. If you want to update WinXP with SP1, then click the link below.

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    My working computer only has 370 megabytes of harddisk total so i'm limited in what i can download. I may have to download win95 on diskette to get my other computer working so i can then download winxp. Thanks

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    wo... thatz less then mine... lol for ppl my com is not 106mbs! if u saw in the previous pic in the this thread.... :/... it is 6 gbs now... dankz nobody for clarifying it up 2 pplz

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    The CD itself usually says if it's an upgrade or not. Full versions can be booted and upgrades are not supposed to be bootable, but that can be fixed.

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    to make windows 98 really small get 98Lite from
    The free version removes IE (so you can install something else -- even later versions of IE.)

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    I discovered that my windows 98 is internal select cd(type111) and requires special key. search for documents on kazaa lite for pdf file with exhaustive list of all 98 versions and other good stuff. I'll try to see if 98 lite will work on my 370 mg hd computer. for now i am happy to have 98se working on my newer computer. woo hoo


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