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Thread: Site Inspritation

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    Hey people,

    I've nearly finished my site layout but think it's still a bit plain in places. So, can you all show me sites which you think looks great and are well designed?

    Non flash site, just sites made with html and images.
    I need som ideas of how to proceed with the design.


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    Shady i get my Inspritation from the following sites... --- 2 learn wot not 2 design...


    I always like 2 look at how Web Design companies do there clients sites so iam 4 ever looking at web design agencies websites...

    but i really like 2 look at how Car companies do there sites... I get my best ideas when i look at how companies like Audi & Chrysler lay there sites out...

    have a butchers at those car sites... iam sure u will pick up sum gr8 ideas

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    Thanks Metro, great post and very helpful.
    I've been trying different things, and so far have come up with so far.

    It's quite plain, but with the kind of look I'm going for, although I know it can be greatly improved, just not sure how to advance. I'd appreciate it if people can give comments on what to change and improve.

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    Oh yeah - I saw you got your webspace in the AS Hosting forum. Congrats

    PM me when you read this - I had an idea concerning our web sites

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    Uh huh, and thanks illuminati, I cant believe I got it! Woo hoo!
    *TRshady calms down*

    K, I'll Pm ya now, pm me when you read this
    No dont, because you might not have recieved mine, which in that case mail me telling me so, but what if you mail me while I pm you? .....

    Oh, the troubles I go through day by day ........

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    Going bed now but just have to bump this, I need replies by the morning, lol.
    Can people tell me what they think of my draft layout and how to improve it please?

    You can find it here.

    Thank you&#33;

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    i think its lookin nice
    as for improvements
    think i might have burned out all my creativity
    but hey, if i get an inspiration or a brain spike i&#39;ll be glad to let ya know
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    Woo, thank you
    Next task for me will be how to display the content ... which is where I always mess up.

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    You may want to consider disabling the image toolbar for the page.

    Add the following META tag to the HEAD section of your HTML document:

    <meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no" />

    EDITLOL, it&#39;s an image (no code)......duh...where&#39;s my glasses ? Is it that time already ?)
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