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Thread: Router Blocks My Browser After A While...

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    So... my dad went out and bought a wireless router for our home network. It seems to work just fine, except...

    I was browsing the web just fine, then I decide to go play FFXI for a while. When I logged off, I fired up my web browser again, but... it couldn't resolve any of the hostnames. I rebooted, and it worked again.

    Afterwards, I go to bed and leave my computer on overnight. When I wake up, same problem. I can't browse the web. I can't ping any websites. But... AIM and MSNM are still connected and were able to reconnect when I logged off of them.

    So, obviously the router is closing unused ports, but not opening them back up. Anyone had any experience with this router, or had a similar experience and can help me out?

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    hmm, try to go into setting and permanitly opening your gaming ports, and your browsing ports... that will always fix, or see if there is a way to change the "port no open" option or something...


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