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Thread: A Little Extraordinary Pm By .hack

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    ok, I got - if anyone knows...

    a litte extraordinary message from a member called .hack, he
    mentioned - he do not want me to see me - I do not know really
    what to think about it...

    but: I do not charge him... he is just human, good that he express his
    thougths, I love that...

    express your thoughts... come...

    .hack: come tell me what exactly you do not like ...

    please details!

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    should not really make Pm's public, if you have a problem forward it to a mod
    now after saying that, post the pm for us noisy folks

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    yes i make loads of noise also. but i am a little curious about this pm.

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    Yes, forward it to a Mod.

    .hack has flamed a few people, myself included (although it was deleted before i got a chance to read it )

    Don't pay any attention to him.

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    Maybe he thinks you are a nob. Could that be it.

    Perhaps you could post the text here and we could tell you what we think he means.

    Share your PMs openly.

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    Originally posted by J'Pol@30 November 2003 - 00:42
    Share your PMs openly.

    now go go go

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    Originally posted by LTJBukem@30 November 2003 - 00:41
    Yes, forward it to a Mod.

    .hack has flamed a few people, myself included (although it was deleted before i got a chance to read it )

    Don't pay any attention to him.
    forwarded it Rbperry I am only concerned - and it is a little unserious -
    cause - but it is ok, if he want to tell me openly what he thinks (he is just a human, or is he an alien?)

    Help!!!!!! The Alien Invasion has already begun!

    .hack = he probably hacked in my account - but that is no art

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    stfu noob!

    ok, muchspl2, you should now my intention to share my thoughts openly
    to understand each other better - I think about posting it - one hand I would not do it cause some privacy... but on the other hand I want to share my thoughts openly for a better understanding: so you can get a glimps of it:

    I would delete it if you want or if anyone tell me he feels uncomfortable

    This has been already forwarded to Rbperry.


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    i have been talking to alot of other users, including several mods...
    and we have come to the conclusion that you freak everyone out!
    no one likes you and the bottom line is... WE WANT YOU TO LEAVE!!!
    all you post is dumb shit, your avatar and signature freak everyone out, and you make us all feel very uncomfortable

    L E A V E

    T H I S

    F O R U M

    P L E A S E ! !

    we hope that after reading this you will change things about yourself,or leave this forum... or (and we have already discussed this with a mod), a mod will ban you from this forum...

    What do you think?

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    Just ignore .hack, he's an arse and has no thoughts to share.

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    I am glad you posted it
    I never liked .hack anyway, this doesn't makes me feel any better about him

    sounds like one more to add to the moderation list today

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