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Thread: Xvid To Dvd Compliant Mpeg2

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    Their must be a faster way to do this. I am not going to wait for 20 hours to analyse the movie and then wait an extra 5 hours to actually convert it.

    IS their a faster way ??

    20 hours is a bit too damn long.

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    The high the cpu mate the quicker it'll encode.

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    i have same problem both with my AMD XP2100+ PC and my P4 2.6GHz laptop.

    After the 20 hours (it actually takes about 13hours with my pc) i also usualy got some sort of error message summat about memory (i have plenty), no sound or sized wrong! This is with XVid films ie that amazing quality finding nemo thats going round, or the older animatrix and bruce almighty.

    Any help please?

    BTW i also tried this with nero 6 dvd authoring thing which should work i have codecs, but after same amount of time it never works.

    Help plleeeeeeaaase!

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    Oh shit i forgot to mention that im converting it with TMPGEnc.

    @ dale!!! Well for the sound part not working, you first have to extract the sound as a wav file with virtual dub and then in TMPGEnc for the video source, select the avi file and for the sound source, select the wav file.

    Pretty funny because im trying to convert the exact same movie but im not going to try anymore since the dvd is coming out soon.

    It would still be good to know how to do a Xvid To Dvd Compliant Mpeg2 conversion for other movies.

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    I suspect you have errors in the movie thats why its taking so long to convert. Try fixing it first with Video Fixer before converting it.

    I had probs with finding nemo too, but fixed the errors before conversion.

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    Just read this, might be of help

    Remember to check for bad and freeze frames in vdub first.
    Also file info (vdub) for the audio type.

    divx to dvdr

    NOTE i have not tried above, just researching befors i buy dvdr writer.



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