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Thread: Y Tu Mama Tambien

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    Can anyone please tell me where can i find this movie.
    i'm particulary intrested in the sex scenes because they were so well done.

    P.S Keep in mind that i'm a noob

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    You must have VobSub installed to see the subtitles (smi, sub, srt)

    Sig2Dat Links:
    [dohtml]File:Y Tu Mama Tambien [DivX].avi[/dohtml]
    Length:737980416 Bytes,720684KB

    [dohtml]File:Y Tu Mama Tambien [DivX].smi[/dohtml]
    Length:110834 Bytes,108KB

    ED2K Links:
    Y Tu Mama Tambien [DivX].avi[/dohtml]
    [dohtml]Y Tu Mama Tambien [DivX].smi[/dohtml]

    BTW: Did you know the director of this movie is the director of the 3rd Harry Potter movie?


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