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Thread: Where Are Those People Now?

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    If someone here had used audiogalaxy in the past...they would agree to this that audiogalaxy was the biggest source for audio files ever..even better than napster...there was not even one single song that i could'nt find on audiogalaxy.

    There were many occasions when i would search for a song with this thought in my mind "come will never find this song..who would have got it???"but i would always find it there....and i loved audiogalaxy for that.

    After audiogalaxy went down..i mourned for a long time..but eventually started searching for an alternate..but its strange that even after trying kazaa,imesh,grockster,limewire,edonkey,filetopia,blubster and some other i can't figure out where are those people now who use to share so many rare songs on audiogalaxy???because i can't find any good music on any other program now.. and i am trying for the last 8 months or so..although kazaa is doubt about it,its the best one now..but still..where have those people gone???

    if you are wondering what i mean by rare songs...i am too much into newage music..and as its not very rare..groups like divine works,xculture,muse(not the rock group)frederick rousseau,yello,and many other rare ones are nowhere to be seen now..

    and lets leave the rare ones..i am searching for yoshiesque 1 by deep dish...and its 3 months now..i can't find it....only once kazaa found it..but after downloading 5 stopped and has'nt done anything after this..and its more than one month now.

    so i just keep wondering that where are those people now..or they got too much disappointed and left the file sharing scene??

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    Soulseek, but that seems dead by now Funky Capricorn will be helpfull to update you on that. Also i think KaZaa gets more rare music. With the latest version you can search much better for it. B)


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