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Thread: Multiplayer

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    ok, hurr's my delima, me and brother are really close when it comes to games, but we havent had much lately b/c of my shit vid card, when i got my geforce i went thru all my old games to play him on a LAN its time for some more...could anyone recommend some?? games like CS but not...(after playing CS for over a yr, i cant do it no more), we tried....

    t3-war of the machines
    call of duty
    age of mythology

    and now we need more, i saw celebrity deathmatch on suprnova...does any1 kno if you can LAN that game?? plz help guys

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    no celeb deathmatch doesnt have lan

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    youve obviously played him in UT2003....

    wot about battlefield 1942 (desert combat mod is cool)
    medal of honour

    or age of mythology (the titans exp.)


    i cant think of ne at the mo

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    umm Command and Conquer Generals / C&C Generals: Zero Hour Exp --- Medal of Honer Break Through --- Rise of Nations --- err thats all i can think of ATM

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    sorry to bring back this topic...i bet the server is going crazy lol...but i need more suggestions plz people

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    Midnight club 2 is pretty fun or GTA vice city multi theft auto is pretty fun too.

    Call over a few mates and have a lan party instead of playing against one person

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    cant beat unreal tournament never gets borin' cos of all the new mods and maps


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