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Thread: Can U....

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    can u play online when you dl the game off kazaa?

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    no, ive seen a *few* but they are VERY rare....the cd key is already used on the internet server, so they kick u off...if you want to play the game online go buy it, or unless they make the key on the outside of the box

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    What game are you referring to? If you're just asking generally what games are playable online, then theres quite a few. Just that they often will not play public servers, and you'll have to go with cracked ones.

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    Get Moto GP2. you can play on gamespy with no key. it has the best graphics for a moto game that you will find

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    No key needed for jedi academy online ;p
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    goto a used gamestore.. they have cd cases out of the box sometimes (i've seen one before).. just pulled out a notepad.. lookout for the guards and write it down.. ehh now to your next mission which is to use the stolen cdkey lol.

    Oh yea.. umm throw the cd under a sheilf so no one will buy it for awhile

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    my mate got caught playing a copied game online and got busted!!!!!!!!!
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