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    Can all this done with Dreamweaver?

    Disable offline use, prevent "save as" function to save image; the web page unable to reused if offline, it will show an Error page when the pages in local disk; if someone use the 'Save as ' function offered by the Web Browser , they will get a useless page, the picture and images didn't save to disk; the saved web page redirect to an error page.

    3. Set No Cache, the web page will not saved to Browser's inside Cache, so can't find any pictures or files in the IE or Navigator internet temp files cache directory(need server side supported);

    4. Fully disable the right mouse-click context menu , now the visitor can't select the Pictures to save ,or find out the links's address.

    5. Disable text and picture highlight select,Disable image Drag drop; when mouse move over text or pictures , the text and images will not been selected and copy to clipboard if use 'Save All' function and keyboard shortcut 'Ctrl + A'.

    6. Disable Image Tools Bar in IE6; Image Tools Bar is a new function offered by IE6, if the image size larger than 200*200 pixs it will show a image tool bar help you to save or print the pictures;

    7. Hide display links and address and messages in status bar ; Usually, when the mouse move over a linked text, image, it will show the link address and message in the status bar ; this work prevent the visitors to get the real files address.

    8. Disable Smart Tags in IE6 or highers; Smart Tags is a new function in IE6 to show the Link's detail information;

    9. Disable Web pages printed, the web page will be printed as a blank page! there is nothing on it!

    10.Compress the Html code before encrypt.make the encrypted html files size small.

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    You can't disable offline use. People have tried, all it does is complicate things a tiny bit. Total flash is the only thing that comes close to being unable to copy.


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