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Thread: 3d Studio Max?

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    a mate of my dad has asked me could i possibly find him a copy of 3D MAX and i was wondering does anybody have this program, ive tried kazaa and downloaded a few but they are always missing some kind of file which makes the install fail! does anybody have a verified version?

    also what is this program like? is it good? also what is its retail price?

    thanks in advance!


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    I seem to remeber that the retail price is HUGE for 3dmax

    Search bittorent trackers, im not sure if links are allowed to bittorent sites anymore but im sure if you look around you'll find it

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    It retails for about $3500 for the latest version (Max 6). You could probably find earlier versions cheaper.

    Or check eMule.

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    As to "what it's like" ...

    It's a very, very big program, and the learning curve can be quite steep, to say the least.

    As it's pretty much the industry standard for 3D, it requires a very powerful PC to run properly. In fact, an entire network might be a good idea when you've made a complex environment and your at the rendering stage...

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    i got 3d max 6 of suprnova. bloody gr8 program

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    If you go to [illegal link] 's forum, there's some stuff on it. I got mine off of there, and it works fine.

    EDIT: ooh, yeah, guess I can't do that... sorry. PM me.

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    I would like to have it too if anyone can help


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