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Thread: Twisted Nerve Jukebox 45's

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    Hi, Has anyone got the Twisted Nerve - Internet only Jukebox 45's singles club releases ? What it was was you got 12, 45's / 7" singles over the course of the year, (their still to send 3 of them) I signed up and got them but they come in selaed packaging and as a confirmed record geek, I have'nt opened to listen to yet .. as I reckon they will end up being worth a fortune if left unsealed ( The 1st badly drawn boy EP on this label goes for 150 pound on 7")...but I still want to listen to them and stick them onto minidisc , so are they anywhere on here? I have done searches for , artists (they were different for each release) the, song titles, , everything and nothings come up...

    Someone make me a happy boy and tell me they exist on here.


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    check the sticky. i am sure they will be on slsk.


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