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Thread: Ac3 Encoding

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    Whenever I Encode A AC3 Movie Using TMPGenc - The Program Freezes As It Is About To Encode - Im Encoding To xVCD(PAL). Anybody Know Why?


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    Not sure mate.It could be a few reasons.You could try increasing the direct show

    File>enviornmental settings>vafpi plugins>right click...increase it up by 1,test,2 etc.

    If its not that,run it throught vdub for bad frames.Still no go,look for something like"beslice",for fixing ac3.

    It could also just be easier to extract the audio to wav with vdub then load it as the audio source.

    Oh yeah mate....nothings free mate....i've seen your if you dont mind,soon i'll be hiting you for a web site banner.

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    In vdub (file info) see if audio is a unknown tag.

    I use Goldwave to change AC3 to wav. You can also maximise audio to stop the quiet audio.

    As ck-uk said have you checked for freezes and bad frames.


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    Thanks Guys Il Check That Out And Try Converting to wav and stuff


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