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Thread: Halo

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    My system specs are

    2.0 ghz celeron

    256 ram

    9600 xt w/ half-life 2 ticket ( just got it&#33

    how many frames do you think i could get with my specs?

    what setting high or medium?

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    PC with 733 MHz equivalent or higher processor
    128 MB of system RAM
    1.2 GB available hard disk space
    32MB T&L capable video card
    8x speed or faster CD-ROM drive
    Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/XP/2000

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    With a 2.0 celeron and a 9600 XT, i guess you'd get medium - high settings pretty easily. It's the processor that will let you down though. Just have a tweak around with the graphics until you find a reasonable frame rate.

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    im asking will halo run at a smooth pace?

    playable framrate?

    will the framrate be higher than 40?

    lastly what resolution

    640 by ***

    800 by ***

    1024 by ***

    i would greatly appreciate this

    thanks guys!

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    You really will just have to test it out for yourself, halo (generally) can be quite unpredictable in specs. Some people can run it on the same basic type of machine, while others can't. I'm only guessing that you will be able to run it smoothly, theres no way to be sure without actually trying it for yourself and testing out some settings.

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    i'd say you should hope to get about 50 fps on medium-high settings at 800*600 res
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    y dont you download the game and try it out instead of askin us? you have the machine, you tell us how it run.


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