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Thread: Lcd Monitor/tv Combo

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    First on my wishlist is a 16x9 plasma TV but they're in the $4,000-$6,000 range so that's out for now.

    The last time I was at Circuit City I saw a monitor/TV combo and the salesguy said LCD's won't fade, NASA or some gov. organization's been using LCD technology forever and it's stable and proven, etc. but then he's the saleguy, right?

    The idea of dual-use TV kinda appeals to me.

    Wondering if anyone has it or has watched movies or the puter screen for a length of time. Is it a Jack of 2 trades but master of none?

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    lcd=space savers...they suck for gaming and i dont kno bout tv..the pixals dont turn on/off fast enough for gaming

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    lcd also look blurry at anything but there proper resolution also, personally i like he look of crt better, and also what if your on the comp and want to watch tv. stick with a normal monitor,

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    If the LCD TV/Monitor is not good for games, does that apply with laptops too?

    I have an ATI card so I think I can watch TV on the LCD like I'm doing with the CRT right now. Would this be correct?

    Actually I was thinking about getting it for the TV part more than the monitor function. Though having a monitor function is a plus. Anyone know about the durability of LCD's though? I've heard mixed reports on plasma, that it may fade in time.


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