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Thread: Tony Hawks Underground Ps2

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    i nkow this is really stupid but i cant figure it out what does ollie up 20 feet does mean i dont unde stand like oliie Upwards 20ft how? off a ramp or somthin ive tried everything any1 care to explain

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    this is just a guess, but, an ollie is basically a jump in the game, so you have to jump 20ft, so maybe you can go really fast towards a ramp and jump and maybe you'll go 20 ft...just a guess..

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    yeah, that's it....

    Go towards a ramp then just ollie off, that's it..

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    thats the obious i tried that i t didnt work so idunno hold x go off ramp jump high easy but dosnt work ive ollid like off buildings and no luck so i dunno

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    22 views and not any help

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    was that for theres nothing or at least i didnt find anything on thug


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