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    allright... i'm new to this whole kazaa thing... and if this post is in the wrong forum i apologise... i just downloaded AOM cd 1 & 2 and can't get them to work... i tried bruning them both to cd... i'm running windows 98 and when i click on them it states that it is not a valid win32 application... what am i doing wrong?

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    ok... i realized i need something to extract it... any ideas?

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    ok... i'm at a loss... it also seems like i'm talking to myself

    the files have these extensions:

    flt-am2a.bin.exe is cd 1
    flt-am2b.bin.exe is cd 2

    this is the form they came to me from kazaa...
    i'm clueless as what to do next...

    some one help me... this game rocks and i need my fix!!!

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    i think what you have is an ISO , you need some program called ISO buster , search in the kazza board for the last 365 days for a game called MOHAA and you will get alot of information on how to use games in ISO format , i tired but i still can't figure it out , you try and see if you can make it happen .

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    rename the file extension where it ends in .bin instead of .exe, then open them up with either winiso or iso buster
    convert to iso, then burn with nero and your done

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    seems to work...

    thank you very much!!!!!


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