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    i was wondering how many people still play TA, and if anyone has tried to vamp it into the modern world. IE, mabye figured how to get more Unit ID's or a better collision detection system. (as opposed to using TA Crusher) B)

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    Great game it is, TA. Go to

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    i play TA kingdoms but never played TA,any good?

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    i have TA with the expansion.. i sitll play it if i feel like playing that type of game.. very good game with great graphics for the time.

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    Sometime ago, I lost my copy of TA & the CC expansion pack, so, if anyone is willing to send me a copy of CC id appriciate it, tk and yea I knew about universe when it had just launched, lol.

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    TA rules. I can play it forever.

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    I never could get into it, play it for a while, got bored and just gave it up.
    "Where did he go, George, Where did he go?"

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    If anyone has seen it on the search, could ya give me the file name its listed under... Somones probably, changed its name to some new game title like ive seen so many Halo & GTA titles.


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