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Thread: Custom Bookmark Logo For Your Site

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    Going through my logs, I've seen this error a few times.

    GET /favicon.ico - 404 not found

    I just looked into it and found out what it is.

    What is a Favicon? Favicon (pronounced fav-eye-con) is short for 'Favorites Icon'

    You can customize the Icon(s) in the browsers 'address box window' and 'bookmark listing'. Hence, when people look at their browsers bookmarks they will be drawn to your web page because of the beautiful logo next to your bookmark. Plus when they view your web site. They can confirm that they are viewing your web site by seeing your customized icon(s) in the browser 'address box window'.

    This is one place where you can make your own and replace the boring "e" of IE >>


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    Yeah, you can just get any icon you like, rename it to favicon.ico and put it in the root directory of your website.

    Microangelo is good for creating your own icons.

    I don't know if Favicons are supported in anything other than IE yet though.

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    Originally posted by barbarossa@1 December 2003 - 21:23
    I don't know if Favicons are supported in anything other than IE yet though.
    Firebird shows the favicon in the address bar.

    btw, I predict a backlash against all this pro-Firebird talk similar to whats happened in Movieword with the Matrix films

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    Here's the one for our board:

    .ico extensions are not allowed to be posted on this board so just copy and paste the link to your browser.


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