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    Can someone please tell me how to RIP a DVD so that I end up with one large file and not lots of smaller ones. I have a DVD to AVI convertor and have followed the instructions. From what I can see because there are several VOB files on the disk I end up with a movie split into several segments. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks

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    Try EazyDivx
    Less hassle at

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    on most dvd to avi converts u open the ifo file which feeds the converter all the info on the vob file like the full lengh of the film so on

    but if u want a guide with using dvd decryter.dvdx
    1 rip the dvd with dvd decryter
    2 open the ifo file with dvdx it will list all the vob files ,one will have the full time of the film select it then choose which format u want e.g vcd,svcd,avi
    3 u might have afew other little setting for preferance so on
    4 start

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    Try and find DVD Copy Plus. Has software and instructions.

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    Look at they have everything you need to rip DVD inclusive the tutorials. B)

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