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    I have been converting AVI to DVD using TMPgen but have found that several films loose their sound, can anybody help or tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks.

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    I had the same problem and found the only way round it was to only encode the video stream through tmpgenc.

    I extract the audio from the avi file and encode it as AC3 or Wav with besweet or ffmepegGui which can both be found at

    ffmpeg is easier and quicker to use.

    You will then have two seperate files name make sure that they both have the same file name and you bring them together and create a dvd using something like tmpg dvd author. has all the guides

    Don't know if there is an easier or quicker way but this works for me - I don't think tmpgenc is very good for audio on any files??

    Sorry if the link is not there don't know how to put one in properly!!

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    You could give this ago to mate ,if you like.

    Tempgenc.Goto file,environmental settings,vfapi plugings,right click direct show.Then increase it to thr top of the list or a bit further.If its still the same,try a bit more.

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    Thanks for your advice. Now have another problem. I have used Besweet to encode audio and Tmpgen for video. But not when authored using DVD author sound is now out of sync. Can you offer any advice to correct this.


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    Just a thought here:

    Gordian Knot does a great job at syncing the audio.

    I had the same problem when I used TMPGenc. When I used that method (TMPGenc) I used DVD2AVI to decode the audio into a .wav file. Once I had the wav decoded, I used CDex to convert the .wav to a WAV-wrapped .mp3 file. All the programs I've mentioned are free and available for download. But, as I mentioned, once I d/l the Gordian Knot, I haven't had sync problems.

    P.S. If you need instructions on what parameters to set for the DVD2AVI and CDex, just let me know.

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    Mate did you join the audio/video before you authored the movie.If not mate you could tri that.Use tmp under file choose mpeg tools then multiplex.Or try another author program.Ulead dvd movie factory's good which i use.

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    Thanks for all your assistance. Will try Gordion Knot and see how I go on. No doubt will be posting for more assistance. Thanks everybody.


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