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    Hi all,

    Hope someone can help! (and yes, I have tried reading various FAQs and other threads&#33

    I've downloaded a number of files which when finished, show as being am exe file - specifically, "Autoroute 2003 run disc cd2 of 2.exe".

    However, I am unable to use the file as when I double click on it ( as I would a zip or rar file) it just briefly opens a DOS window and then ... nothing!

    What software do I need to make use of this file please?

    BTW, I have been able to download and use several other files without problem - thank you ALL for being file shares and making life easier to share!!


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    Chances are it is a .iso file that has been renamed to an .exe, alternatively it may be some other type of cd image file. People rename file like this so that kazaa lists the file as software rather than miscellaneous. The first thing i'd try is changing the extension of the file from .exe to .iso and try opening it with winrar or winiso. If that doesn't work check in "My kazaa lite" (a tab in kazaa) for the file ,or you could search for the file on kazaa, and read the description, most times if its been renamed the person who renamed it has explained what the file is and what to do.

    if you don't know what to do with an .iso file either check the faq's ( i think theres some info there) or post again.

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    Thanks ilw .... I'll try what you say!

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    Ilw is right, noob.

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    Originally posted by camille@1 December 2003 - 11:07
    Ilw is right, noob.
    Been seeing your replies for a few times. No hard feelings here but might i bring this up for now.

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