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Thread: Kazaa Supernodes

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    I have been using K-lite for awhile.

    The problem is I can never get a local Supernodes.

    I live in Florida, but when I check what Supernode I am connected to they are 1ooo+ miles away. Like Montana, Boston, Kansas City, Ontario/Canada.

    So how do I find and connect to CLOSER SUPERNODES?

    Thanks in advance for any help or replies.

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    luck of the draw I guess, zupernodes will look for all available. I dont think there is much more you can do about this...

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    Make yourself a Supernode then open Kazupernodes, refresh supernodes,localize supernodes. right click on nodes closest to you save to favorites ,chose a node from your favorites repete this process with the node from your favorites,repete till satisfied

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  4. File Sharing   -   #4 is back online now, so you can get local lists of supernodes from HERE

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    I'm not from US but remember reading something about the states not always being correct - something to do with where the ISP is actually based, or something. Someone else may be able to find the topic where this was discussed, or you could try searching for it.


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