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Thread: Fighting Games!

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    Well, me and my brother row over games, and i sed to him that i would get a decent fighting game which involves different characters fighting each other and it has a 2 player support(not mp)
    Anyway its for the PC and it has to have good graphics and have good gameplay.

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    just get a emulator, and streetfighter. theres topics on the forum here, that have links to emulators, and roms...i think .
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    no, i would like one that isnt with an emulator, a proper PC game.

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    i think you could be shit out of luck for a 2d fighting game if its NOT an emulator.. Only game i had like that was street fighter 2. It was hell shit as well emulator's are the way to go mate there not that bad for 2 player either.
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    Alright, thanks mate&#33;

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    i dunno if for pc but the soulcaliber games are sweet

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    Street fighter

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    the Tekken series is awsome but its for PS, and Ps2 :


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