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Thread: Dat File

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    Hi, i just finished downloading a movie, but it syill remaines as a dat file.
    K-dat wont see it and kazaa trafic doesent see it.
    I can watch it with windows media playerŽ, so that is not the problem.
    I would like it to look like a movie file not as a dat file, can it be done.
    Can i turn it from file type:dat to file type:avi, and how.


    Nevermind folks i just solved the problem.

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    ummm Did u Clear the download on Kazaa? sometimes when i dont clear the file it says Dat until i clear it off the download bar

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    I did everything, but it just didint change from dat file,
    but now i fixed it in folder options, i unchecked the box that say
    "hide extensions for known file types" and then i changed .dat to .avi,
    problem solved.

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